Jacket lining update

So, I shared with you the lovely lining I am using to re-line my jacket.   About a month ago, I unpicked all the old lining and took it apart.  I numbered each piece to help remember where each piece went.  The lining was incredibly hard to unpick as it practically fell apart in my hands.

After ironing them, I used them as the pattern for the new lining.  After placing them, I found that I was a little too short on the lining and decided to do the jacket facings in a different fabric.   My lovely mum came to visit and she showed me how to eek out the final bits from the remainders – she is a very skilled dressmaker.

I used a shot lining for the sleeves, picking out the bronze/orangey colour of the quails.   The jacket was handmade and I will have to replace the shoulder pads which have perished.  This is going to be a labour of love. The first picture shows the lining being unpicked. The second picture is the lining tacked together with one sleeve.


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