Raised beds commence

Last May, I posted about my new  battle to regain control of the borders in my garden.  Sadly, I had to leave the majority of the work to a gardener as I had a knee injury.  This month he is starting work on making three slightly raised beds for me.  These will be for planting vegetables and some soft fruits.

The bed was covered from last summer and all through the winter.  This particular bit of ground has been plagued by brambles.   There is a very large sage bush to the left hand side which is to be severely pruned.  At the rear of the bed is a cardoon which for the moment will stay where it is.  My sister tells me that cardoons have very thick tap roots and are almost imposssible to dig up. 

The retaining walls of the beds are to be made from  old gravel boards which have been sitting in my garden – the remains of the new fence which went up a few years ago!  Waste not, want not!

Exciting times ahead. 

And  just to end, whilst in the garden, I spotted my purple/pink  hellebore.  I always forget it is there, but when it starts to flower, the flowers remind me that Spring is definitely on its way!


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