Wizard of Oz pinboard

I am really pleased with myself, as I actually finished a project in one day. In the morning I went off to find a pin board from a shop on my local High Street.  I could not find any except one in a shop I call Aladdin’s Cave called this as it is filled with so much stuff.   The owner has been there for ever and the only thing that changes is his dog as they grow old die and get replaced!   The board was a little grubby, but as I wanted to cover it,  it did not matter.

I had one piece of material left over from the project bags I had made the day before.  It was slightly too small, so I added a curtain lining band on the top and bottom.   Then I used some cream grosgrain ribbon which was already in my ribbon box.  Finally I added purple drawing pins to secure the joins and my lovely husband put it up on the wall.   The top band is slightly crooked, but, I don’t care.  I can now put up pictures, bits of material and lovely things which will stimulate my creative thinking. 

Here are a few pictures of each stage.


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