More beautiful fabric to share – Olive taffeta and velvet flowers chiffon

I have decided to make a 1950’s style dress for a friend’s wedding in May. 

The material is a fab olive taffeta and flower printed chiffon in the same tone.  I was incredibly fortunate to find the material in a wonderful fabric shop near to home. 

To cut out, I used my blouse block and with my lovely mum’s help made a princess line blouse.  I used my skirt block to cut a simple A line in the olive taffeta.  The chiffon was cut using my half circle block, this will be attached at the waist and be left open in the front.  The look I am going for is similar to a dress that may have been worn by Grace Kelly.

Here are some pictures of the pattern placement on the chiffon and taffeta.  Another project which will take time and cannot be rushed.


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