Taffeta dress update – tacking done

I spent a couple of hours yesterday tacking up the dress for the first fitting today.  First I had to tack the chiffon to the blouse taffeta silk and then piece it together. 

My darling mum fitted it today for me, (first I had to re-tack the sleeves).  We decided to take in the skirt quite a bit so it is more like a pencil skirt.  The length will be just below the knee.  She added some more shaping to the blouse, which I will have to change on the pattern blocks.  We have decided to keep a central panel of the taffeta in the front, more than you can see on my dummy.  This looks very flattering and the extra gathers in the chiffon at the back allows you to see the shape of the skirt underneath.  I am very excited about this dress and can’t wait to work some more on it.


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