Patchwork quilt treasure

Near my home are several shops which sell items from house clearance sales.  Yesterday, I went for a rummage to see if I could find some bits and pieces.  One of my friends was already there looking at a huge box of patchwork hexagons which someone had been making for a quilt.  She decided not to take them as she already had an armful of stuff.  I could not walk away from this box, the fabric that the quilter had been using was fantastic and was obviously pieces left over from her own dressmaking.  I bought the box, took it home and opened it up properly.  The contents were mind boggling, there seemed like there were hundreds of hexagons all tacked to bits of cards.  There was a bag of card hexagons which the quilter had kept and used again and again.  She had used old Christmas cards and letters with small excerpts of good wishes still to see.

I decided to photograph the hexagons in batches and then start to count and catalogue them.  My husband suggested I took a photo of each colour type and then he could put this onto Adobe Illustrator.  I could then create a patchwork quilt from the samples.  At the moment, I don’t know if I want to finish off this piece of work, or use the different hexagon colours to accent other sewing.  For example, I could make a range of project bags with the patchwork hexagons appliqued on.  My other thought was to make some simple girls skirts for girls aged between two and six and applique the patchwork hexagons onto the front or make a bib top with the pieces.  I would appreciate any ideas any reader may have.  Here a a few photos of the treasure.


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