Taffeta dress update Easter Weekend

I spent Good Friday, updating my patterns with my mum.  Shaving off inches here and there to ensure a better fit next time I make a similar dress.  The easy bit came next which was machining up all the seams on the skirt and the blouse.  I had another quick fitting before the next stage which is to fit the blouse to the skirt and the sleeves to the blouse.  So far it is coming along nicely.  I must keep my deadline of two weeks more work in my head.  This must be finished by the third week in April, pressed and ready to go.

My lovely friend has loaned me a simple necklace she had bought in a charity shop which I think will be perfect with this dress.  It sits quite high on the neck which will be great with this boat neck line.


One thought on “Taffeta dress update Easter Weekend

  1. Hello there Rubyslippers! Just stopped by to see your taffeta dress. It’s really beautiful! I love the pattern of the chiffon over the taffeta and such a ovely colour. I’ll have to pop back again to see the finished dress. I’m sure it will look fabulous. Hope you are enjoying the Easter holidays 🙂 Ros

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