Japanese Anemones and forget me nots

Spent an hour or so in the garden working on a very small patch.    I split a pink Japanese anemone into four parts and planted each bit.  I want to have a large patch of this and as it takes quite a long time to get established I thought I would help it along by planting lots of it!   In between I dug up some Forget me nots which had self seeded in another part of the gaden.  I love the colour of Foget me not blue and hope that this little patch will self seed and grow in future years.  The picture I have taken shows the flowers with a greenish tinge which I quite like.     I also found a very sad Lychnis which I bought at a discount price at the garden centre last year.  It is severely pot bound but hope that with a little bit of tlc, some decent earth to grow in, this too will grow and flower in the summer. 


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