Taffeta dress update

Had a fitting today after doing some more work on my beautiful dress over the weekend.   I decided to take off the sleeves as the weather may be quite warm, especially as this will have its first outing in May.  Without sleeves, my lovely mother had to adjust the back as I gained half an inch without the sleeves.  She helped me place the chiffon overskirt and then I tacked the blouse to the skirt.  At the fitting today, she levelled the hem, I am keeping it quite long just below my knee with chiffon about two inches longer.  We decided it needed something at the waist, first we thought of a black thick velvet ribbon but have decided on a flat taffeta bow in the olive.  This will add the detail it needs but keep the colour lighter.  I have decided against wearing the chain I posted about earlier, but will wear no jewellery except perhaps for a pair of earring. 

To keep my shoulders warm (in case it is a bit blowy), I am going to use the extra chiffon and taffeta to make a simple wrap.

Pictures to be added soon, once I have finished the armholes, hem and zip.


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