V&A Quilts 1700-2010

Finally today after hearing a talk from the curator in March, starting my own quilt  and the  school happiness quilt,  I got to this exhibition.  It was well worth the wait and I will probably go again before it closes.

The five rooms are based around  the themes of

The Domestic Landscape, Private thoughts and political debates, Virtue and Virtuosity, Making a living and Meeting the Past.

The artistry that has gone into making all of the quilts on display is amazing.  Even though some of the quilts are three hundred years old, the colours are wonderful, beautiful shades of scarlet, blues and yellows.  I was really inspired by the work on show and it has spurred me on to get  on with my own quilt.  It also gave me the idea of the need to add historical detail to the school quilt and possibly to speak to my own children’s Headteacher about making one with the children in their school.

If you haven’t been to this exhibition it is well worth a visit.

The final highlight is the fab shop where you can purchase limited runs of fat quarters.  Two of which I bought, one for the school quilt, one for my own.

The Palm Tree pattern is taken from a design from a patchwork coverlet possibly made in Wales 1830 – 40.  This one will go in my quilt.

The Leaf pattern design is taken from a patchwork coverlet made in Britain dated 1797.  This one will go into the school quilt.  I chose the leaf as all the classes are named after Trees!


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