More vegetables and some raspberries too!

The vegetables are coming up really well.  The warmth this weekend has really helped establish the seedlings.  I have put up some canes for the beans to climb, planted a marrow, a squash and a cucumber.  My darling sister gave me some raspberry canes which also went in.    Later this week I think I will need to thin the coriander seedlings.  Despite over watering by my youngest son, the teeny tiny leeks have managed to hold on and look almost a millimetre thicker than yesterday.

It is quite strange to have such heat in May (yesterday it touched 29 degrees in our garden).    I hope my usual flowers at this time of the year last and don’t fade too quickly.

One of my all time favourite flowers is up now perennial geraniums.  I have lots of different varieties blues, pinks and dark purple.   This is the month when everything speeds up so much, from day-to-day the growth in the garden gets more dense.  Unfortunately that also includes the weed which seem to grow twice as fast as the plants!

The pictures above show two geraniums, some Aquilegia which have self seeded all over the garden and  a flame coloured azalea.


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