Jewellery Lepidoptery

Another pleasure of mine is to rummage through junk shops and markets forgotten treasures – jewellery, clothes, bric and brac.   This weekend I went to an Antiques and flea market and found two small but beautiful brooches for my brooch collection.  One was white and black and had a painted image of Josephine Baker the second was to add to my butterfly brooch collection. 

This started when I was about twelve when my mum took me to my first Antique market and bought me an old 1950’s brooch.  My collection is limited to colours from my wardrobe and I don’t buy every butterfly I see.  

My third purchase was an old collecting tray, probably from inside an old box.  This now houses some of my brooch collection.  I’m thinking of adding some small velvet padding inside each tray to pin the brooches on, in that way the tray could be mounted on the wall.


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