WIP – whats on the needles right now

I love to have several knitting projects on the go and after sorting out my knitting box and bag today I found I might have one too many!

I have the beginnings of a Northern Lights cardigan by Nicky Epstein

I also have  another Travelling Woman scarf.  I have used a fab red yarn which has a slight white fleck in it.  I decided to do three repeats of the pattern and now am on the border.

I have the back of a slouchy mesh knit jumper – this might be stored away to finish next Spring.  The colour looks horrible in this picture – it is in fact a light sage.

  and finally a few knit swaps –  a baktus which is really nearly finished.  I ran out of wool on the last 10 rows!  Hope to finish this by the end next week once my new ball of wool arrives and a travelling scarf swap which I cannot photo as it will spoil the surprise. 


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