So I begin again

After a long hiatus, I have decided to bring back the blog.

The image I chose to restart my blog made me smile. Fear really holds back my writing, but I’m letting go of fear now.

Over the years, I have written more and more and want to share it with the world.

My plan is to share some of the ways in which I try to find the best routine for writing. I might share some of my work, I might share some of my drafts.

Over the past 6 years, I have periodically joined a writing group where the sole purpose is to put pen to paper and write.

I have really enjoyed the way of writing, it helps me be less critical of my stories and poems. Some of these I have entered into competitions. I have had two poems published which I will share with you in later weeks.

So for any of you who might not know me, who am I and why do I write?

My name is Samantha Jayasuriya and as the blog title says, I truly love my home. It is where my heart lies. But from my desk just like my role models in my life, I can travel the world.

We all do this when we pick up a book and open the cover. A writer can do this too when they pick up a pen. I may not have been in the places that I write about but I can use my imagination.

I have used the work of Natalie Goldberg to kick start my writing when I get stuck for ideas. Her wonderful book http://Writing down the bone makes me smile each time I read it and give me hope for a new idea.

In her preface, she says

“Trust in what you love, continue to do it, and it will take you where you need to go.”

I’m trusting in my pen to lead the way.

Beginnings …..

Beginnings  –   I thought about this word over the week starting with a trip down memory lane reading old blog posts. The ties that linked the posts were about creativity and being inspired to make or create in the garden, through knitting,  sewing or sharing ideas.

Over the past week, I have made the most of my last week of spring break by creating again, making a dress, finishing a cardigan and planting with a frenzy in my garden.   As I came in from the garden for a welcome cup of tea, I passed by one of my most favourite prints hanging in my house.  Created by John Furnival his wonderful print of the Petit Prince has one of my top favourite quotes of all time. IMG_6579

When I first read the book in 1984 as an adult whilst training to be a teacher I was immediately struck by that particular quote and on my old copy I wrote a little note to myself on the inside cover, to remember the quote and read it whenever I felt down or low.

Fast forward thirty years on and I read this without thinking every day as I pass the print on my way around the house.

Creativity is invisible, it comes from the heart, the outcomes are wonderful however big or small.


Connecting again developing a new community

I’m taking up the challenge posed by A Playful Day and posting to my forgotten blog.

A Playful Day

This year as last year, the wonderful word of Serendipity has popped into my head many times.   It was serendipitous to find the wonderful podcast – A playful Day, whilst recovering from minor surgery.  From listening to Kate’s musing, I revisited the art of letter writing and connected with a fellow knitter across the ocean.  Again from the podcast, I took a leap and joined the first Muse Connection talk which inspired me to think about colour and how it makes me feel.  Thinking about colour has reawakened my love of gardening and my front garden has benefitted from a redesign and lots of new planting.


One podcast inevitably led to another and I found the Pom Pom Quarterly which makes me very happy when listening. There is joy and happiness in the voices of the presenters which is infectious.  Reading many of the blogs featured this week, got me … finally to get onto pinterest

All of the above has kickstarted me to make sure I widen my community and soak up the happy vibes from so many creative thinkers.   And to finish, one of my most favourite colours and flowers and one which needs planting!


Ruby Slippers

Well everyone needs a pair or two.  I am still cursing the day I walked away from the most beautiful Ruby Slippers I have ever seen.  I have searched high and low for a pair of these shoes seen and tried on in Russell and Bromley of all places.


Still I now have a pair of something even better – Ruby Slipper socks.

Comfy and for wearing around the house when I get home from work and I am home.


Skies are blue

Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue. 

Beccs is a fabulous pattern by Isabell Kramer.  Lovely easy knit with a cable running down the front, no fastenings.   I knitted this for my mother in law who needs a bit of blue skies at the moment.  


The Yellow Brick Road

We must all follow our own Yellow Brick Road and I am definitely going to try this year to follow my heart and do the things that make me and my family happy.

This lovely cowl – Millwater by Beth Kling does just that.  The pattern is very simple and easy to follow.  I used Posh Martha Aran, a truly lovely squashy yarn and fab to knit with.  The colour is really sunny and joyous and I can’t to wait to wear it tomorrow to brighten up my Monday blues.


Emerald City




The wool came from Artifibers from San Francisco, sadly now closed.  The mix of the yarn is mohair and silk and the weight makes it sit nicely on my shoulders.  A lovely shawl which I wear a lot.

“Even with eyes protected by the green spectacles, Dorothy and her friends were at first dazzled by the brilliance of the wonderful city.”