Beginnings …..

Beginnings  –   I thought about this word over the week starting with a trip down memory lane reading old blog posts. The ties that linked the posts were about creativity and being inspired to make or create in the garden, through knitting,  sewing or sharing ideas.

Over the past week, I have made the most of my last week of spring break by creating again, making a dress, finishing a cardigan and planting with a frenzy in my garden.   As I came in from the garden for a welcome cup of tea, I passed by one of my most favourite prints hanging in my house.  Created by John Furnival his wonderful print of the Petit Prince has one of my top favourite quotes of all time. IMG_6579

When I first read the book in 1984 as an adult whilst training to be a teacher I was immediately struck by that particular quote and on my old copy I wrote a little note to myself on the inside cover, to remember the quote and read it whenever I felt down or low.

Fast forward thirty years on and I read this without thinking every day as I pass the print on my way around the house.

Creativity is invisible, it comes from the heart, the outcomes are wonderful however big or small.



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