Knitting, knitting

I learnt to knit at a young age, taught by my big sister.  I still have the old wooden needles she taught me on.  She is still trying to teach me to knit – as she does – 30 years on!    I took a long break from knitting in my twenties and rediscovered it about 18 months ago.  I love to knit and my head is filled with thoughts of things I would like to knit.  My skills have really improved but I still have so much to learn.   I have been helped tremendously by two fabulous websites firstly the lovely Phoenix knitters and the Emerald city for all knitters – Ravelry.  The worldwide community of knitters is quite amazing.  Knitters are inherently generous people because so many will come to your aid if you are in difficulty. 

I love to knit garments, but my tension is still a bit off and I have frogged quite a few things I have made.  I get instant gratification knitting small things.  I particulary like making flowers as this satisfies my love of sewing as well as knitting.  I also like making scarves and am a sucker for a bargain skein or two of yarn as there are so many wonderful scarf patterns out there.  The thought of buying a scarf now is really strange! 

Currently on my needles is a Chevron skirt pattern from Knit Simple magazine.

Chevron skirt





and a Palindrome scarf – a really easy knit.  I am using RY Cashsoft Aran  Shade 021 a lovely Eau de nil green.

Palindrome scarf


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