Where have all the borders gone?

This month is the month when I play find the borders!   When we moved to this home several years ago,  we were lucky to have established borders with lots of lovely plants.  Eight years on and some of the borders have now disappeared under a a sea of brambles, grasses and nettles.  Some of these wonderful weeds will remain, but work has started on giving some of the lovely flowers the space to breathe and show themselves off.  

Last week, I pruned back a lovely Buddelia which has dark purple/black blossoms very hard as it was getting too leggy.  Underneath I dug out two huge clumps of a horrible grassy weed which has sharp serratedleaves.  I was joined by a male robin who pecked about in the bushes for the worms that I unearthed.  I was completely entranced by him and quickly forgot my tasks and instead found my camera to take pictures of him.  As you can see apart from the red breast he was quite well camouflaged.  If you screw your eyes up, you can see him in the bushes… yep.. a little to the right and down a bit!!



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