Late New Year Resolution ….


O.K.  I’m a little late – all of one month and two days to be exact.  It is about time I added something to this blog.  I have done so much since I last updated.  The skirt has been worn a lot, the scarf has been frogged.  The garden has started to really take shape and I have seen so many more beautiful birds in the garden.  I have also started to sew a little more and have a few projects in hand I am going to post about in the coming weeks. 

 So to get a little seasonal I started by sewing some lovely lavender hearts.  I used an offcut of a heart tatoo print which I love.  I bought a few pieces of ribbon of different shades in red and purple to trim.  The lavender has been sitting on my shelf since last August.  I was given a large bunch when we stayed in a beautiful house in the South West of France.  The lavender smell is incredibly strong and a little goes a long way.

Here is a picture of the hearts with a few single ones.  The first one has been gifted to my sister as part of her birthday present.

I have also knitted a few hearts. I used a free Rav pattern called folk hearts as well as a pattern for small hearts. Again I have put in a little lavender to help keep the drawers moth free!


2 thoughts on “Late New Year Resolution ….

  1. Hello there Rubyslippers! Love your new-look blog. Those hearts are lovely, both the sewn ones and the knitted! I’m off to have a look at the pattern. Thanks for the kind comment on my Ripple Blanket. I am due to become a grandma in May to a dear little granddaughter and the blanket is for her. I don’t feel old enough to become a Grandma aaahhhhh!!! Ros

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