Some beautiful fabric to share

I have three sewing projects in hand.
The first is to make a skirt possibly a tunic dress with a lovely pieces of purple paisley needlecord. I love the red, blue and yellow accents which really lift the purple. Got lots of material 2.5m.

The second is for a knee length skirt, which I will have to make fast as it may be too warm soon.
The material is 100% wool in a really lovely Spring like colourway.

The last is a fab brown/burgundy silk with a quail pattern. I am going to use this to re-line a vintage jacket I bought. The original lining has started to perish and the sleeves are torn. I think I am going to have just enough to re-line the inside of the jacket with the pattern and use a plain silk for the sleeves.

Here is a picture of the jacket


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