Teen book club

I have joined a new book club who have met for a couple of months. This book club reads Teen fiction of which there are lots and lots.

The first book we read was ‘The Enemy’ by Charlie Higson. A good fun post apocalyptic zombie read set in London. I really enjoyed this book and am having to hide it on the bookshelf as my nine-year old wants to read it. It does have quite scary bits to it so he is going to have to wait.

The second book was ‘Black Rabbit Summer’ by Kevin Brooks. Another good read, with a sinister air.

The third book was a bit of a disaster when we tried to read an old classic ‘A Box of Delights’ by John Masefield. We all gave up on it as the writing was so convoluted. Almost as bad as mine.

The most recent has been fab – ‘Graceling’ by Kristin Cashore a fantasy book – which is not a trilogy and has really good believable lead characters with an excellent storyline. The premise is that some people are born with Grace – a bit like the special powers in Heroes the T.V. series. It is set in a different dimension in a world very much like a medieval earth. I really enjoyed this.


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