Connecting again developing a new community

I’m taking up the challenge posed by A Playful Day and posting to my forgotten blog.

A Playful Day

This year as last year, the wonderful word of Serendipity has popped into my head many times.   It was serendipitous to find the wonderful podcast – A playful Day, whilst recovering from minor surgery.  From listening to Kate’s musing, I revisited the art of letter writing and connected with a fellow knitter across the ocean.  Again from the podcast, I took a leap and joined the first Muse Connection talk which inspired me to think about colour and how it makes me feel.  Thinking about colour has reawakened my love of gardening and my front garden has benefitted from a redesign and lots of new planting.


One podcast inevitably led to another and I found the Pom Pom Quarterly which makes me very happy when listening. There is joy and happiness in the voices of the presenters which is infectious.  Reading many of the blogs featured this week, got me … finally to get onto pinterest

All of the above has kickstarted me to make sure I widen my community and soak up the happy vibes from so many creative thinkers.   And to finish, one of my most favourite colours and flowers and one which needs planting!



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